Why Us

Why hire a portable chiller or freezer room?

  • Once your business is operating and growing then can quickly change to a larger room size or vice versa.
  • If your business is seasonal you only need to hire for a short period that matters for your season.
  • If you require additional cold storage space for a period until the market price of your product increases or demand becomes greater than supply.
  • If you alter your product range and require a different temperature range, this may require changing rooms – no problem.
  • If you require to develop a new product and keep it separate from existing products, then hire a chiller or freezer.
  • The hiring cost is a direct business expense therefore being fully tax deductible.
  • No Maintenance or service costs – we provide a 24 hour breakdown service.
  • For that exciting occasion of catering over a weekend, a day or a week then store pre made food and beverages in these large fridges.
  • Having that cool store space at your back door – the convenience – no transport.